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Carlos Bonell

Classical Guitar Performance DVD

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Essential Classics for Guitar Book

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Classical Guitar Performance DVD + Essential Classics for Guitar Book

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Interpretación de Guitarra Clásica

Carlos Bonell

Pieces contained in both the book and the DVD are

  1. Españoleta - Gaspar Sanz: (1640-1710)
  2. Canarios - Gaspar Sanz: (1640-1710)
  3. Granada - Isaac Albéniz: (1860-1909)
  4. Capricho Arabe - Francisco Tárrega: (1852-1909)
  5. Lute Suite in E Minor BWV996 - J. S. Bach: (1685-1750)
  6. Lágrima (Prelude) - Francisco Tárrega: (1852-1909)
  7. Adelita (Mazurka) - Francisco Tárrega: (1852-1909)
  8. María (Gavotte) - Francisco Tárrega: (1852-1909)
  9. Introduction and Variations on a theme from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, Op. 9 Fernando Sor: (1778-1839)
  10. Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Francisco Tárrega: (1852-1909)
  11. Spanish Romance “Jeux Interdits” - Anonymous
  12. Asturias - Isaac Albéniz: (1860-1909)
In this ground breaking guitar DVD, the viewer can choose to watch right hand/left hand/main footage at any point in the 1 hour recital! Carlos also gives spoken insights into Interpretation and technique in both English and Spanish


Book Cover

This book features the exact transcriptions and fingerings to Carlos Bonell's highly acclaimed "Classical Guitar Performance" DVD and comes with a free cd of Carlos performing all the pieces in the book.